Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Have you noticed I was gone? If you have, I have been absent for a good reason. I, a Mom of six children aged 4-14, decided to go back to college. I guess the daily tasks of Motherhood, laundry, cooking, cleaning, disciplining, carpooling, teacher conferences, IEP meetings, kids activities, blah, blah, blah, wasn't enough for me.

I made the decision to go, I registered before I could think too much about it and BAM! I was a student again! I was nervous. I was 39 years old, been out of work for 14 years to stay home with my kids, been away from school even longer, and I take 9 credits. (Hey, I don't do anything half way!)

It was wonderful! I haven't felt so alive in a long time! My kids were only mildly neglected and my husband only mildly annoyed with extra responsibilities. It worked out fine!

I ended the semester with A's in all three of my classes, and my kids have a new appreciation for school and it's importance.

I am taking two online classes this summer, and then, in the fall, I'm back in the classroom again! I have even started the ball rolling on a fall internship!

Wow, look at that, my fist blog in a while and it's almost all about ME! That feels swell!
:-) Looks like I do have a place after all!