Tuesday, April 7, 2009

"These studies are in turmoil." That is a direct quote from someone who knows!
Feasability studies for Consolidation are due to be reviewed March 2010, problem is, bids aren't even in yet. We will be lucky to see a feasibility study by 2014, yet Ritacco is pushing, pushing, pushing for shared services with Island Heights. Why? Because he wants to be a common factor with Island Heights Grade School.

The regs. for shared services and consolidation are *supposed to look at consolidating schools that have a relationship, such as the relationship Island Heights has with Central Regional. Island Heights has NO relationship with Toms River at all, that is what Ritacco is trying to establish with his shared services proposal. He is trying to find a way to steal our school out from under us.

If we begin a shared services agreement with Toms River to use Ritacco as our Superintendent then he in essence becomes the decision maker for our district, pretty sneaky of him. Not at all surprising and actually pretty characteristic of this man.

There are legal issues, contractual issues, legislative issues and financial issues that all block the way for Consolidation. This entire proposal may crash and burn, we can only hope.

I will continue to fight and to educate everyone I can on this matter. A wise person said to me today, "Bring the Vampires into the light, and they will crumble." Michael Ritacco is our Vampire, lets bring him into the light.

Friday, April 3, 2009

I survived the school board "Meet the Candidates Night". I was impressed with most of the candidates and even if I don't win I would be comfortable with *most of the candidates winning a seat except for two.

It was stated last night by another candidate how one of my opponents is running strictly on a personal agenda, and it was clear who that was. My question is; If you so badly want your children in Toms River Schools, then why not move to TOMS RIVER??

I don't understand the mind set of someone who chooses to live in Island Heights, full knowing the schools that the children attend, and then fighting to force the rest of the town to go to the school that you desire. It's simple, move.

I live here for Island Heights Grade School and also for Central Regional. Both small schools.

Anyway, I digress. At the assembly, I was flanked by Master's Degrees on both sides and I was a little bit intimidated, but I held my own.

I got the best advice this week some from very good friends; "speak slowly", "think of a calming place", "speak from your heart".
"Speak from your heart." Those were the words above all others that stuck in my head. I can do that, I do that everyday. One thing about me, I am led by my heart. I decided to run for school board because my heart led me to.

I hope that the people of Island Heights will feel that a passionate point of view will benefit their School Board. That is what I bring to the table, passion. I truly love this town and all it means. I feel as if the staff of Island Heights Grade School is an extension of my family. They care for my children much the same way I do. When do you get that in a public school?

Now it is up to the people of Island Heights. Win or lose, my fight will not be over. I will continue to fight for my town and our small school. I will keep the best interest of my children and the children of Island Heights first and foremost in my fight. I will continue to educate myself on consolidation and regionalization and I will continue to speak from my heart.